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Cocoared sound is where you go to feel love,

believe in the power of healthy love and finally share the love.

A groove so universal that you know your soul is soothed.

Customer Review
The Voice of Cocoared
by 1pecantan
these auricle grooves are a soul pot-mix of poetry, soul and
acid jazz treats for the old school jazz cat to the hip hop head,
a laid back parle’ with the goodie-feel healing for all souls.
most tracks release a glimpse of the sonorous sound of cocoared
while also peaking the basic song structure to many possibilities.
for instance in ‘Supernovastar’ the voice teases with a sexy
repetition you wish would not end so soon yet the feel of the
groove compliments and allows for the airy space of the storyteller.
my favorite for the old cat sound and feel is ‘Dem No’…yes
this track exudes vintage courage to tell the story and love
yourself for telling. With todays fast-pitch vocals, this track
is a contender on lyric selection alone so listen closely. One can appreciate how the tracks flow one after another. i like to drive and this album definitely is along for the ride.

Bronx native, and still a b-boy, Gene Roberson, aka GenieQ, is the founder of Porcocoabutta Productions, a family of spoken-word artists, mcees and songwriters.

A few years back this young mc in the Bronx, GenieQ, went on to Cheyney University to study communication arts where he found himself turning his high school rhymes into songs. Later on he was chosen to host ButtaMilk Worldwide, a mark in Philadelphia spoken-word/soul history, which featured spoken-word artists and cutting edge soul grooves/mixes by QoolDjMarv.

Soulful mystical groove – collaboration with producer Pawcut and angelic vocals of Sara Winton from Nightmares on Wax

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a songwriter and producer- looking to collab with other producers, djs and other artists *

Smooth groove w/ Cocoared and Hiphop Artist Granddad Woolly (Production by Hostile Product – Adam Byrne)