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“Welcome, once again to electric relaxation, through the sounds of Philadelphia based singer/songwriter Jo Goldie on her new track “Follow Me”, produced by Pawcut, who’s based in Germany. I’m really digging the silky soul vocals graced upon this smooth jazzy track. Hopefully this will be released soon so I can spin this at some of my sets. Check out their pages and show continued support. Enjoy!” – DJ KOOL EMDEE (The Vinyl Veteran)

Nu-Soul Magazine

“German artist Pawcut comes with style and class on this 3 track EP featuring Philly vocalist JoGoldie. The tracks are drenched in smoky layers of jazz harmony with the future thinking edge of a perfectly processed breakbeat. The vocals are the true centerpiece however, providing a longing and emotive glimpse into love. Also included are a remix and instrumental! Check the links below for more from this mysterious up and comer!”

  • Mr. Harry Woods – “great lyrics, singer and jazzy ear catcher”

  • FemArtNYC (Songwriter) – I’m delighted by your songs. Wonderful voice, Remarkable style!! A pleasure to hit play… 🙂

  • AEYO – HappyDayz is a super favorite!!

  • PHIGROA – I dig your groove man! Your music is so Chillin’ and full of soul !

  • Enoch. Arcane – Immaculate Work ~Very Well Done ~ Best Regards ~ Sean

  • Jonathan Electronica – Rarely does a track overwhelm my soul. Bit Mo’ takes me THERE. Damn.

  • ABOI DOYLE – Superb music

  • ABOI DOYLE (Artist) ABOI DOYLE – Back to show my support to your brilliant stuff here

  • The Refusers – Amazing!!! So inspirational.

  • Gottwald – Great voice and timing.. ! Cool grooves !

  •  Pearl – Beautiful music, so innovative and soulful..

  • Ron Henison- RzonYAH ! – I CAN TOUCH … THE CREATIVITY!!! SOoo! FRESH!!! Shalom, Ron

  • Scartwink – sooo powerful and soulful…love to hear more

  • 8 tracks radio – “Five Fabulous Female Vocalists”


Click Photo to Check the Blog post on ‘Record Realm’ Nov 1, 2014

so much more in store…SOUL ELECTRONICA DOWNTEMPO

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3 thoughts on “Say What

  1. Greetings,

    I was looking for something else on Google about me and ended up coming across this. Much love for the link up! I’ll be sure to add you to my friends list on my blog and give a shout out in my next newsletter. Bless’up!

  2. Greetings,

    I was looking for something else about me and came across your site. Thanks for the link up! I’ll add you to my friends list on my blog and give you a shout out in my next newsletter.


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