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 Releases in the styles of Soul>Downtempo>R&B>Hip-Hop/Rap>Electronica>Sexy/Chill>Broken Beat/Nu-Jazz>Soulful/Afro/Deep/Club House>Experimental/Alternative Soul R&B>

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The butterfly effect, the famous theory that the tiniest change in an environment can have the biggest impact. Who else if not the young Emcee Zen-Zin knows this to be true: Born in war-torn Sudan he started rapping at the age of 13, practicing on a rooftop in Khartoum, learning English through Hip Hop and movies, working hard on his dream. Ten years of collaborations and projects with mainly local artists. It was an up and down struggle. Until that day in late 2012 when a friend told him about a German producer named Pawcut (Radio Juicy), who had just successfully released his first EP. Zen-Zin took his chance and contacted him… They turned out to be a perfect match. (beatport info)

” This 13-track album is strong with timeless music. German beats. Sundanese flow. Universal sound.” – Jakarta Records.


Newly Re-Mastered House Mix out now on Traxsource [Broken Beat/Nu-Jazz] Butta Records (Chicago) comes from the heart of the HOUSE MUSIC scene and proudly debuts with JoGoldie –“Beautiful Angels” that has been a local favorite among the after hours gatherings. With all the hype and the attention, Butta Records complied and listened to all their followers to have the world enjoy such beauty!! We present…..JoGoldie –“Beautiful Angels”– Butta001 Mastered by Xavier Jacome at Direct Drive Digital Studios ©


Free Download Available Now. Compilation album of soulful hip hop. Producer Alessio Zara burns the midnight oil with numerous releases including the forthcoming album “On My Way” with Jo Goldie.

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 Releases in the styles of Soul>Downtempo>R&B>Hip-Hop/Rap>Electronica>Sexy/ChillBroken Beat/Nu-Jazz>Soulful/Afro/Deep/Club House>Experimental/Alternative Soul R&B>