Cocoared & Jo Goldie

 Thank you for visiting the world of VickiSunMusic!  Here you find featured artists Cocoared & JoGoldie respectively. Listen to music and vibes that are sure to move you. Also, be sure to check the bandcamp link for your free download


Pre-Order New Music out on Jakarta Records

Cocoared Fam member Gene Roberson co-produced the BONUS track “Move Something” with Pawcut. Feature artist Zen-Zin frees his style and flow on “The Butterfly Effect“.

” This 13-track album is strong with timeless music. German beats. Sundanese flow. Universal sound.” – Jakarta Records.

Pre-order “The Butterfly Effect” now

Look forward to greatness as there is always time for greatness.

JoGoldie & Pawcut

Single EP Available Now


  Listen – Enjoy

 Positive Soul Eazeback Music

Supa Soldier – Cocoared & Soulplate feat Charmaine

Rise feat Dioana

Stay tuned!



 ” Our sound is for the old school jazz cat to the hip hop head, a laid back parle’ with the goodie-feel healing for all souls featuring worldwide beatmakers, producers, recording artists and writers”.

Soul Eazeback For Your Aural Vibration

  We Love The Music We Make and Thank You All!

Sardinia studio onecrop2

collaboration projects, licensing and all vibes related – connect @

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